A Case of Bad Blogger...

I've done it again, I went almost 2 weeks without blogging. Last week I was so stressed studying for a test that DIDN'T even up taking!! Talk about aggravating, I could have been blogging instead of studying!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We are now in my favorite time of year!  I have been so excited to share my Halloween post, but I feel so bad posting it a week after. Oh well, now is better than never, right?

Halloween was very festive in my apartment this year. My roommate and I had some of our friends come over. We grilled hamburgers, played Sports on XBox Kinect (can I just say that kickboxing is really hard? I was sore the next day!), and naturally in the spirit of Halloween we painted pumpkins. We painted instead of carved this year because my carving skills just aren't up to par with some of the pumpkins I've seen.

Louisiana Tech Pumpkins! Go Dawgs!

This is the other pumpkin I painted! It's suppose to be Cinderella's Carriage, but the wheels weren't working with me.

These were our festive hamburgers. I stole the idea off Pinterest for the cute cheese faces. But if you ask me, this was the cutest part of Halloween...
I love that sweet little face!

I read one of my friends post the other day about her taking her two little girls trick-or-treating and it really made me miss being little!! Growing up I had the same best friends that I do today. Two of them lived across the street from me and every year we would all go trick-or-treating together. I remember we would always have the best time dressing up.

So, here are a couple pictures from my childhood and down memory lane with the friends that have been with me through thick and thin.. I love ya'll! I am so very thankful for such sweet friends!

Lauren (sissy) and I. We were always playing dress up as the Princesses we are. We go to Disney World every year together. I'm wearing my mom's wedding veil and a princess dress that looks to have come from K-Mart in the 90's.

Jennie, Meggie, and I have so many memories. When I think of my younger years these two always come to mind! We slumber partied every weekend, had countless lemonade stands just to make 5 bucks so we could go to Claire's, camped outside but by 10 o'clock were scared and had to come in. I could go on all day with things we did and remember it like it was yesterday.

Jennie (right side in the bottom picture) is getting MARRIED in January and I couldn't be happier for her. She is marrying her high school sweetheart that she had a crush on since 8th grade. I love their story. His mom was a teacher at the middle school we went to and every afternoon she would come get on the bus tell me she saw a picture of him sitting on her desk and he was soooooo cute! They started dating in high school and the rest is history. Who would have thought that in 2 months that would be the man she is marrying.

Next weekend I am throwing her a wedding shower and I'm so excited! I love planning parties and decorating for them. Also, my friend and I are getting together to make Christmas wreaths so the next few posts will be filled with Christmas and Party Ideas!! 

I'm leaving ya'll with a picture of my boyfriend, Clayton, and I at his fraternities costume party!

He was a safari hunter and I was a Cheetah! That faux fur was hot ya'll!!

Happy November!!