Hi all! (or those select few that are actually reading this!)

Welcome to my first blog! I am so excited to officially be apart of the blogging world. Special thanks to Lindsey Sullivan who created this for me!

Now, first things first. My name is Emiley. I am a full time college student majoring in Elementary Education but spend any free time I have baking, decorating, being crafty, or booking my next Disney World trip. Yes, Disney World. I am one of the select few 21 year olds who revolves their life around their next trip to Orlando.

In my blog I will be bringing you different baking ideas along with a little culinary, too. Cooking is my therapy so prepare yourself! Also, seasonal decorations and crafts! Christmas cannot get here fast enough, I have so many ideas! AND last but not least Disney World. I'll make posts about booking trips, where to stay, discounts that are coming out, and of course, the FOOD!

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

This is My mom, Aunt, Lauren (Sissy), and I at Animal Kingdom last Christmas.

My very first three-tierd cake I made.

And this is my latest creation for my front door! Happy Halloween!

Be looking for the first official blog soon!

Happy Blogging-